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The Ultimate Guide on How to Quickly Burn Body Fat

The Ultimate Guide on How to Burn Body Fat Quickly.

Food & Drink:

Drinking Water – Water is potentially the most underrated and overlooked nutrient when it comes to burning body fat. There are many ways in which water helps burn more calories these are.

It helps fuel your workouts. If you are dehydrated then your workouts are not going to get the results you want. On average, you should drink 1 ounce of water per 2 pounds you weigh per day. But in fact, when exercising you should drink another 8 ounces every 30 minutes too avoid dehydration. Avoiding dehydration means you will be getting far better results from each workout.

Also, water can give you the feeling of fullness. In other words it can stop you from eating as much as usual if you drink the correct amount. This will help lose more weight in a shorter period of time. Sometimes you are not actually hungry but in fact, have low energy levels or and empty stomach. Water will help you pinpoint when you are actually hungry.

In addition to this, it boosts energy levels. This on its own is so important because if you workout with high energy levels you will smash your workouts and will keep your mind focused on your goals which makes you more likely to actually go to the gym.

Finally, It prevents you from drinking other things. Let’s not lie we all love a nice glass of lemonade with ice on a hot day. If you are drinking the correct amount of water per day you will not feel thirsty enough to have a sugary drink which benefits your weight loss goals.

Burning More Calories Than You Consume- The most effective and efficient way of burning body fat is too burn more calories than you take in each day. If you were to burn an extra 500 calories a day in a week you can lose around 1 pound of fat and you will certainly notice the difference after a few weeks. The best way to do this is by cutting out high sugar foods and reducing alcoholic beverages. Eating complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and lean protein will reduce the number of calories you consume. Also eating fruit, vegetables and grains will help you when working out.  But you must make sure that you do not cut your calorie count too low as this can be dangerous for your body.

Eat a Good Breakfast- Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day and in fact it is. Breakfast sets your day off by giving you energy. But Breakfast can be even better if you eat the correct foods. Resistant Starch (RS) is found in foods like Bananas and Oats. What RS does is it tells your body to use fat for energy. This is very effective when burning body fat. Also, having a balanced breakfast will allow you to stay concentrated throughout the day and when doing exercise.

Eat More Meals Per Day- When you eat meals you will naturally burn calories. This is because you produce heat inside your body. If you worked out how many calories you were going to eat per day and then evenly spread is across 5-6 meals per day, your body will burn more calories per day just by producing heat. But do not think this means you need to have more calories it just means have smaller meals but more frequently.

Eat Much More Vegetables- Vegetables are nutrient-dense, which means they are full with nutritious value but have very little calories. Eating vegetables will make you feel full and you are barely taking in any calories. Also, some vegetables have an ability to burn belly fat on their own as well as fighting diseases in your body which is why they are so important no matter what. You could eat a packet of delicious crisps which are full of fat and have a lot of calories or have 5 plates of sliced cucumber, take in next to no calories and feel full up.

Junk Foods vs Cheat Foods- People are often confused and avoid all fat foods when trying to burn body fat. They automatically assume that means no take outs like pizza or burgers etc. This is incorrect. Junk foods, such as, sweets and fries are bad for you as they are nothing but calories and have no nutritional benefit at all. Whereas, Cheat foods like, pizza and burgers have got some nutrients included. This means if you are considerate with portion sizes then having ‘cheat’ foods every once in a while is not as bad as you thought. Finally, when eating cheat foods eat them for the flavor. This means don’t eat a whole pizza just have a few slices. When you eat it really take in the flavor and enjoy every bite. Share the rest with friends and family.

Eat More Protein-  Protein is the most important nutrient when it comes to burning body fat and getting a better looking body. By eating more protein your metabolism will increase. This will help to maintain your muscle mass. Your body naturally burns more calories when you eat protein than when your body is digesting carbohydrates and fats. There is a certain amount that each person should consume per day. This is 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight. If you were to stick to eating 1 gram per pound of body weight everyday you would lose weight naturally even without working out.

Reduce Alcohol- Alcohol contains lots of calories. Think of it this way, one glass of win or a pint of beer contains around 150 calories. Also, they offer next to no nutrition whatsoever. Reducing alcohol or even cutting it out completely will help drastically with results if you go to the gym. This is because your calorie intake will reduce and what you burn in the gym will stay the same causing you to lose more weight every day.


Aerobic Exercise- The best type of exercise to burn body fat is aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is not full intensity training which would be anaerobic. It is using oxygen being pumped around to the working muscles, by the blood, to sustain long periods of low intensity exercise. Examples of this is jogging, swimming, cycling etc. There are 6 basic exercises that can be done from home for an aerobic workout. These are walking, running, cycling, rowing, swimming and jumping rope. All of these burn calories after doing them for a certain period of time. Your weight can change the amount of calories you burn. The more you weigh the more calories you will burn from doing an aerobic workout. On average, Walking burns 300-400 calories per hour, running can burn up to 600 calories per hour, cycling is the same as running which is 600 calories per hour. Rowing can burn up to 800 calories per hour, swimming is slightly less with it up to 600 calories per hour and finally jumping rope is around 1000 calories per hour. If you want an accurate amount of the calorie count for these exercises click here.

Ab Workout- Another very effective exercise to burn body fat is ab workouts. Ab workouts burn calories but also tone your belly which gets rid of body fat quickly. There are lots of different ab exercises to work your upper and lower abs but if you want a toned belly you need to workout your sides, lower back, hips and upper thighs. This will make sure you are working everything not just your abs which makes you burn body fat a lot faster. The best ab exercises are: the plank, crunches, twist crunches, leg raises, weighted russian twist and mountain climber.

Interval training (HIIT)- Commonly, continuous, moderate-intensity cardio is thought to be the most efficient ways of losing weight. Cardio training can get very tedious if you are doing the same thing over and over every week. Whereas, with HIIT you can change the duration or the rest period. This makes sure you do not become bored which will really kill any motivation.

Strength Training- You might be thinking, how will strength training help me rid body fat well its simple. Strength training can help burn lots of calories because you are working out. Also, it turns fat into muscle which helps burn body fat. High repetition strength training has been proven along with a diet to burn body fat.


Sleep is Key- A lot of people today class sleep as the most important thing when it comes to getting a better body. They are correct. There are multiple reasons why sleep is so important.

Less than 7 hours of sleep every night can cut back the benefits of being on a diet. Researchers published a test in The Annals of Internal Medicine to find out if sleep deprivation can negatively affect weight loss on a diet. The results were astonishing. People who had an adequate amount of rest, almost half of the weight they lost on the diet was from fat. On the other hand, the people who didn’t get the correct amount of sleep, The amount of fat lost was cut in half. Also, less sleep showed that they felt hungrier and lacked energy to workout. Both people were on the exact same diet.

Hunger is controlled by two hormones, Leptin and Ghrelin. Leptin is produced in fat cells and the less there is the hungrier you get. You feel as if you have an empty stomach. On the other hand if you produce to much Ghrelin you feel very hungry. Also, it can reduce the amount of calories you burn is affected by this hormone. If you do not get over 7 hours of good rest then your brain starts to produce more Ghrelin and less Leptin. This makes you very hungry inside and almost impossible to lose weight. That’s not even the worst part. Not getting enough sleep makes your brain start to go off plan. Your brain starts to push you towards bad foods like cake, chocolate, crisps, etc. By eating these junk foods it makes calories start to build up over time and this many calories cannot be controlled by exercise.

Finally, being sleep deprived can destroy your workouts. There are 2 reasons why sleep can do this. Sleep deprivation makes you lethargic and slow which means at the gym you will not be putting in the effort you need to burn your body fat. Also, you might just not go to the gym at all because your body is to tired and is telling you not to.

Personal Trainer- Personal trainers are the perfect people to help you burn body fat. They know exactly what exercises to do that will get you the best results. In addition to this, Personal trainers can provide nutritional advice so you are eating correctly at home as well to get the best results possible. They are not just a trainer they are your friends and will be by your side throughout by motivating you whilst training. They do cost money to get but they are 100% worth it and you will definitely get rid of that unwanted body fat.

Make a Plan- Making a plan will ensure that you can achieve your goals. A lot of people waste time in the gym changing machines and taking a break etc. If you make a plan you know what you are going to do before hand. This means not one minute will be wasted figuring out what machine to go on next as you will already have got it planned out. This way you will be guaranteed to get the best results. Also, you can keep track of your progress which can be motivating.

Use a Fat Burning Supplement- Fat burning supplements are not 100% reliable and many people recommend not using them. At the same time they do have their positives and people do use them and have gotten fantastic results from using them. Fat burners can kill your appetite when you are on a diet. Many people on a diet will have urges to eat food not junk food but any food as they are so hungry. Some fat burning supplements can kill that which will make you consume less calories per day.

Another reason is that fat burners have energy in them in the form of caffeine and other substances. This will give your body enough energy to hit a hard workout in the gym which will lead to better results. Especially if you are on a diet. More than likely you wont have a lot of energy as you will not be consuming lots of calories. By using fat burning supplements you will be able to burn body fat even faster as you will have better workouts.

Finally, Some people have came out and said that after using fat burning supplements they feel their concentration level increased. This can keep your mind focused on your goals when working out. Also, can help with your diet as you will be focused on eating healthy and paying less attention to junk foods.

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