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9 Reasons Why You Should Have a Personal Trainer

9 Reasons Why You Should Have a Personal Trainer


Keeping fit is one of the most important ways in life to keep yourself healthy, happy and to minimize the risk of developing certain diseases. When exercising people find it difficult to push themselves and stay motivated. Some people are unsure whether a personal trainer is worth the money it costs and if it will be beneficial enough. Here is what you can expect if you were to hire a personal trainer.


Lack of motivation is one of the main reason why clients often drop out of or lose commitment to exercise. This lack of motivation can be caused by clients feeling they have no reason to continue for a variety of reasons. For instance, have you ever promised yourself to workout in the morning, but then your alarm wakes you up and you click snooze and have an extra hour in bed? It happens to the best of us!

Personal trainers know so many different forms of motivation. Giving their client feedback is a great way of motivation by telling them how well they are doing to make which makes you want to carry on and try even harder. Also setting goals is another way of giving their clients motivation, i will speak more about this later on. In addition to this personal trainers are great at pushing you to your limits, but will not push you too far as this can cause injury. This motivates people as it shows them how much they can actual achieve if they push themselves out of their comfort zone.

Personalized Workouts

When it comes to working out not everybody is the same, some people want to lose weight, some want to build muscle and some may be training for a big event. Personal trainers are always willing to plan personalized workouts to fit your specific needs.

In relation to this, personal trainers often make a plan for every workout so they know what you will be doing beforehand. This means no time is wasted during a session! Also they make sure the workouts are fun to avoid the client becoming bored, this will make you more motivated and more likely to stay committed.

If you are somebody who has specific needs such as diabetes, asthma or any others then don’t fear. The vast majority of personal trainers will know how they can change the workouts to fit your needs, but will still make it so you get the best results at the end.


Personal trainers help you to commit to a training session not because they are telling you to but clients do not want to let themselves or their personal trainers down. Even the most committed and motivated people want a day off some times. If you have booked a session with your trainer there will be a much higher probability that you will stick to it, than if you were just going to the gym to work out on your own.

Also, personal trainers cost money for each session or over a period of time which makes missing a session a whole lot worse! The most used excuse when coming to exercise is ‘not having enough time’ but with the commitments to yourself, your trainer and your bank account it forces you to make time to fit in the workout. After a while people often realize that it is not as hard as they thought to fit a workout into a small time slot.

Setting Goals

Personal trainers are the perfect people to help you set your goals and understand what you will be able to do and what is too much. Trainers will push you past your comfort zone in order to achieve your goals and get maximum results.

A lot of trainers use a word called SMART when they are setting goals for clients or themselves.

⦁ Specific – The trainer will always set your goals around what you want to achieve (losing weight,building muscle or anything else).
⦁ Measurable – They will make sure that they can track your progress as you are trying to achieve your goals.
⦁ Achievable – The trainer will make sure that you can achieve the goal even if it seems like an unrealistic goal, they know you can do it by making you work hard.
⦁ Realistic – They will make sure that there is the right equipment and can actually be achieved.
⦁ Time based – Last but not least they will make sure that it will not take too long until the goal is achieved.


Another very important benefit of having a personal trainer is that they will teach you the correct way to do certain exercise. Let’s say you are doing a plank, personal trainers will make sure that your lower back is closer to the floor for example. This helps the client get the best results possible from what they are doing. By forming good habits it can help you in the future when you are working out on your own or if you see a friend doing it incorrectly you could help them too. The most important reason why making sure you exercise correctly is to reduce the risk of injury. If you are doing an exercise in correctly you may cause strain or any other type injury.

More than just exercise

Personal trainers are not just there to help you workout. Most are very friendly and will listen to your problems and offer advice if you need any. On many occasions I have spoken to people about their personal trainers and how they have become good friends both inside and outside of the gym.

Also, all personal trainers learnt about nutrients and diets when they were becoming a trainer, they cannot legally tell you what to eat but can give you advice. However, higher qualified trainers can. This is such a great benefit of having a personal trainer as they can offer advice on what the best and worst foods are. As well as helping you plan what to eat based on what you want to achieve when working out.

Finally, if you have an existing injury or pick up an injury during your time with a personal trainer then you are in the right hands. Trainers know how to give you a smooth injury rehabilitation by doing very specific exercises.

How Much Does a Personal Trainer Cost?

The cost of a personal trainer can vary on many different factors. The area you live in will effect the price of a trainer. If you live in London you will probably have to pay more than in Birmingham. Also the trainer might have a higher degree of skill or more knowledge on training so they could charge more. Some trainers work in gyms which might be more expensive than them coming to your home to do the workouts. If you were to book multiple sessions in a week or month then your trainer will almost certainly offer you a discount. If you wanted to workout after work then it might be a little more pricey than 6 o’clock on a Saturday morning.


Lets be honest, most people prefer a nice calm environment when they workout instead of a crowded gym. With a personal trainer there is no limit to where you can workout as long as the required equipment is available then anywhere is fine. The comfort of your own home or even a local park is perfect. Also, most trainers are very flexible with what time you want to workout. They are happy to wake up at the crack of dawn to get a session done or even late at night after work. The majority if not all trainers are happy too offer discounts if you book mulitple sessions over a period of time. Also they can be more flexible with the costs after being with them for a while.


Finally and probably the most important thing as a client is to get results from your exercise. With a personal trainer you will most certainly begin to notice results. For Example if your goal was to lose weight over a period of time and you began to see an improvement, whether that’s in the mirror or on the scale. Then that can motivate you too keep pushing which can then lead on to even better results in the future. Also, when you start making progress trainers will begin to alter the workout to make it harder so clients can get the best results.

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