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Best Tips on Building Muscle Quickly

Best Tips on Building Muscle Quickly


This article will talk about all of the best ways of building muscle quickly. If you would like to read about Why you Should Have a Personal Trainer Click Here.

High Amount of Calories – This is commonly under looked, but in fact is one of the most important factors to helping build muscle mass. People believe that eating lots of protein is what to do. Although that is correct, you still need to consume extra calories to actually be able to fuel growth. Just eating an adequate amount of protein cannot always entail growth. It is all about the calories you consume. Also, calories give you energy. You need energy when working out so having extra calories will allow you to have a better session at the gym which will also help building muscle quickly. Eating more calories than you burn on a daily basis is the best way to get the amount of calories needed for muscle building. But eating more calories doesn’t mean junk foods. It means finding the right balance with your meals. Getting the correct amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Eat Plenty of Carbs – Carbohydrates are vital if you are looking to build muscle. The main use for carbs are for energy. Carbohydrates get stored as glycogen and this fuels our body throughout a day. Also it is the best form of energy when exercising. This allows you to have a better workout in the gym and at the end get better results for it. If you eat enough of the correct carbs then your body will only use the glycogen for energy and will not dip into protein for energy. If your body uses protein for energy then it will take a longer period of time to get the results that you want. Eating carbs after a workout is great because this increases your insulin levels and that makes your body break down protein slower. A banana or sports drink will do.

Eat Plenty of Protein – Lets face it you cannot build big muscles without protein. Your muscle is protein. Protein ,for so many different reasons, is the most important factor to building muscle. For instance, it is so important for repair and recovery. The way your body builds muscle is by breaking it down and rebuilding it stronger. Protein is made up of Amino Acids. Your body needs all the necessary amino acids to help build muscle. Our body can naturally produce most of them but, we do need to get some from protein. These are called the essential Amino Acids.

It is recommended that eating 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight each day is the correct amount for muscle building. Also another tip is to have multiple meals in a day. spreading out your calories across 5-6 meals is better. The reason for this is simple. Your muscles don’t build in the gym. They build up when you are not in the gym and this is where you will earn your results. This is why sleep is so important for repair and recovery.

The quality is the most important thing about protein. Lean meat is the best form of protein for results. Lean protein allows you to build as much muscle as possible and reduces the chance of gaining body fat in the process. Also, when eating protein it doesn’t raise insulin levels like carbs do. Raising your insulin level at time where it is not needed can increase fat storage.

Have Multiple Meals – Splitting your calories into multiple meals during a day is a very effective way of allowing your body to build muscle. It’s simple, if you were to eat 4000 calories a day then if you split over 5 meals, you are only eating 800 calories per meal. This can help with muscle building as you will have more energy spread across your whole day. Also, your muscles will use the glycogen from the carbohydrates in your meals for energy and it will not use any of your protein. Your body lots of protein when resting after a workout so it can rebuild after breaking down.

Drink Lots of Water – Water is potentially the most underrated and overlooked nutrient when it comes to burning body fat. There are many ways in which water helps you build muscle. Staying hydrated makes you look bigger. This is because each pound of muscle can hold up to 3 pounds of water so if you stay hydrated your body will look bigger naturally.

It helps fuel your workouts. If you are dehydrated then your workouts are not going to get the results you want. On average, you should drink 1 ounce of water per 2 pounds you weigh per day. But in fact, when exercising you should drink another 8 ounces every 30 minutes too avoid dehydration. Avoiding dehydration means you will be getting far better results from each workout.

Also, it boosts energy levels. This on its own is so important because if you workout with high energy levels you will smash your workouts and will keep your mind focused on your goals which makes you more likely to actually go to the gym.

Eat a Balanced Pre Workout Meal – You should always eat your pre workout meal about 1 hour before you go to the gym so it gives your body time to digest the food before you begin exercise. Your body sends blood to important areas of the body when doing certain things like digesting food and exercising. If you eat to close to your gym session then your body will have to send blood to the working muscles and to your stomach which will result in less oxygen to your muscles. This means your workout will not be as effective. Things that should be included are: a small amount of fats, slow burning carbs such as rice, pasta, etc. Finally it needs to have a good amount of protein to help with the muscular gains after the gym.

Post Workout Meal – The meal you eat after a workout is very important because this is what helps rebuild your muscles after you break them down in the gym. The perfect things to have is a protein shake. If you drink this as soon as you finish the gym and not waste any time you will get the best results possible. In this protein shake 40g of protein and 75g of carbs is enough for an average person. You should have protein and carbs in your post workout meal mainly. Chicken, beef and fish are some of the main meats used for post workout meals and eggs are the most important foods as it has everything in it needed for muscle rebuild.

Rest – This is also commonly over looked but is the most vital part of building muscle. After a workout your body becomes broke. This is because you have broken down your muscles when in the gym. Having adequate rest is so important as it allows your body to rebuild those muscles back even stronger using the protein in your body. Thats why having a day or two between each gym session is important. Some people believe that having rest days slow down the process of muscle building, but in reality it speeds it up. Also, a rest day doesn’t mean that you can eat junk foods and have a day off completely it just means not going to the gym and allowing time for the muscles to rebuild.

Your body releases a hormone called the growth hormone. This is at its peak when you are sleeping so your body can grow a lot more efficiently. Also by eating the correct meal after you workout allows your body to rebuild and repair better when you are resting. It is vital not to over train your body. It can have side affects such as, mood swings, illness, colds, stress, injuries and many more. Also, if you over train your brain can try to force you not to workout anymore.

Use Free Weights – When working out in the gym and wanting to build muscle, you want to lift the heaviest you can in order to do so. If you use weights attached to machines you will not be able to lift to your full potential. Whereas, if you using barbells you can lift heavier weights. The best free weight exercises are bench press, bicep curls, etc. Free weights involve more muscles and can trigger more growth. Also free weights can be used at home. Some people find it difficult to make the journey to their nearest gym. With free weights you can use them from the comfort of your own home.

Commitment – When you are trying to build muscle one of the most important parts is to stay committed and consistent. You need to stick to a plan. Whether that is to go to the gym 3 days a week or a strict eating plan at home which involves the correct nutrients to help with growth. People can struggle with commitment but if you have to correct motivation it can be easy to stay on track. A personal trainer can help you stay committed. Other things such as changing up how you workout your muscles. This will help you from getting bored. If you stop training all of a sudden you will begin to lose muscle mass so it is vital to stay consistent.

Try Supplements – Some people will disagree with taking supplements to help build muscle but they do have their advantages. The vast majority of muscle building supplements are made to accomplish one of two things. These are :

  • To allow our muscles be able to withstand more load. This allows us to lift more when working out in the gym.
  • Increases the ability of our muscles to recover and rebuild and use protein to build them up stronger each time.

Both of these will inevitably lead to better results. In face a lot of weightlifters chose to use them. Examples of supplements are, Protein Powder which is used in protein shakes before and after a session, creatine, multi vitamins and many more.

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